Elephant Base Wooden Wedding Mandap

 Elephant Base Wooden Wedding Mandap –  DST EXPORTS are the best manufacturers and exporters of wedding mandaps. This Elephant Base Wooden Wedding Mandap. DST EXPORTS are one of the most creative companies in the field of wooden mandaps and Now we are introducing our fresh design in the market. These type of Mandap is really very famous in the UK as well as in many more countries. Our Mandap setups are well known for its uniqueness and for that reason we make this stylish mandap which has Wooden Elephant base and then doubles pillars has attached with it. We gave everything which is needed to complete the whole look of wedding mandap. it consists- six double wooden carved pillars, six top arcs, Two pillars and arc for the welcome gate, Six small Ganesha statues, Six small wooden pillars, Wedding mandap chairs/sofa, Havan Kund/Firebox, Backdrop arc type curtains 10 x 30 feet, carpet for the walkway etc. This mandap set is provided in any color, any size and in any shape as per customer’s requirement.

Elephant Base Wooden Wedding Mandap This Elephant Base Wooden Wedding Mandap can be used in any event. This mandap set can be used as a mandap as well as a stage set. These walkway pillars can also be used in any events for entrance decoration. This mandap is readily available here in stock. We have many other types of wedding mandap set. You can choose any design from here and get more interesting products which you like to purchase. If you want to do any changes in this product you can contact us our WhatsApp number: +919815224101, +917696522022. Our website is www.dstexports.com.

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