Fascinating Wedding Event Phera Ceremony Mandap

Fascinating Wedding Event Phera Ceremony Mandap

Fascinating Wedding Event Phera Ceremony Mandap::-To Make your marriage occasion special and memorable Mandap Exporters Introducing our new marriage mandap which is well known as “ Fascinating Wedding Event Phera Ceremony Mandap ”. Then we’re presenting our latter Indian marriage Mandap which is firstly MADE- IN- INDIA by DST Exports. This Mandap is also called as Roshni Mandap

Mandap Exporters( a unit of DST Exports) is well-known for manufacturing Indian marriage Mandaps so now we’re presenting our “ GRAND WEDDING MANDAP ”. These Mandap Pillars are beautifully designed and hand- carved. This Marriage Mandap is made for performing Indian rituals on a marriage occasion. This featured marriage mandap gives absolute beauty at the marriage event. This New Style Wedding Mandap is really veritably popular for marriages.

Product Details
We’ll give a full mandap setup( as shown in snap) Six fiber carved pillars for mandap, Six top curves, Three inner curves to make the mandap structure, 2 pillars and 1 curve for making the welcome gate, TOTAL 8 PILLARS WITH FULL MANDAP bends 1 fiber carved frame, Six small pillars 6 small fiber Statues            ( option available – Ganesha/ Diya ladies Flower- pots) for Walkway Decoration, marriage lounge/ chairpersons( option available – marriage couch/ Mandap Chairs) for seating purpose on mandap form, Background curtains 10 x 30 feet, Havan Kund/ firebox, Carpet for mandap and walkway area.

These Mandap pillars are beautifully designed and hand- sculpted. This featured marriage mandap gives indefectible beauty at the marriage event. This Indian marriage Mandap is really veritably popular for out-of-door marriages. This butterfly marriage Mandap is especially set up for our all guests to show them, new Trends and Fiber art Mandap created by us. This is an affordable Saat Phere Fiberglass Wedding Mandap handed by us at reasonable prices.

This Mandap Set can be used at Hindu marriages, Western marriages, Muslim marriages, Bollywood marriages, Gujarati marriages, Tamil marriages, South Indian marriages, Asian marriages, Outdoor marriages, Beach marriages, Destination marriages, Punjabi marriages, Srilankan marriages, Rajasthani Theme marriages and numerous further. This Mandap can be made on customized confines given by the buyer. We’ve a professional platoon to manufacture marriage Mandaps. These are all hand- made.

This mandap can be used in any event and always gives a noble look at any event. This mandap is handed as per the client’s demand. This mandap is readily available then in stock. We’ve numerous other types of marriage mandap set. This mandap set is readily available then in our stock. We’ve numerous other designs of mandaps. You can choose any design from then and get further intriguing products which you like to buy.

However, 9176965- 22022, 91980398444 4, If you want to do any changes in this product you can communicate us our WhatsApp number 919815224101. Our other websites are https//weddingstages.net/, https//dst-international.com/

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