Latest Wedding Food Stall Buffet Design

Latest Wedding Food Stall Buffet Design

Latest Wedding Food Stall Buffet Design :- Mandap Exporter is the original manufacturer and exporter of wedding decoration items, One of them is the Wedding Food Stall Buffer. We are the original makers of such type of food stalls and candy carts. DST Exports presents a newly designed “Latest Wedding Food Stall Buffet Design.

This Grand Food Stall Buffet is manufactured by Mandap Exporters. This is a unique designed wedding food stall for luxury weddings. This wooden cart gives a precious look at any event. This wooden cart is made of treated wood & Metal with high quality deco paint. Our full sized Candy Cart is beautifully crafted and is decorated in a beautiful chic manner, which includes elegant decorative jars that give it that wow factor.

Our Ferris wheel is made of silver food grade material and can either be hired as a table top stand-alone wheel or with its own base with coloured lighting. This food cart can be used in any event such as at a wedding, stage, party, hotel and at any other event for stage decoration purpose and always gives a prominent look.

This food cart is provided in any color, in any size and in any shape as per customer’s requirement. This food cart is readily available in our stock. We have many other designs of food carts. You can check out more products from our website www.dst DST EXPORTS are the best manufacturers and exporters of wedding mandap, stage, backdrop panels, and all other wedding decoration items. You can freely chat or call us about the product on our WhatsApp +9198/158224101, +918675333339.

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