Luxurious Heart Shaped Wedding Sofa Set

Luxurious Heart Shaped Wedding Sofa Set

Luxurious Heart Shaped Wedding Sofa Set:- Wedding Furniture is the Center of attraction of marriage stage so now we’re presenting King Queen Sofa Set with gold finishing. This is marriage event Stage lounge Set designed and manufactured by DST EXPORTS. This Furniture is well known as “Luxurious Heart Shaped Wedding Sofa Set”. This Type of Wedding Furniture Always gives a classic look at any event. This is the Brand New Sofa Set for all types of Western as well as Indian Traditional marriages.

This Furniture Set is mainly made for marriage Stage but it’s also useful for Mehndi Stage and other Function. This Furniture Set Includes One Two Seater Loveseat/ Sofa Two similar single seater Backless chairpersons. This sofa set is made of treated wood with high quality deco painted. It has Leather tufted seats and veritably well gentled. Small diamonds are fitted on the reverse of seats. Seats of this lounge set are changeable and washable.

We include our new developer chairpersons in this Furniture Set. This furnishings Setup is made according to the rearmost trend of the request and the taste of guests. We’ve a kind of marriage settees, settee, chairpersons, etc. This lounge is especially designed for marriage stage decoration with beautiful design. The Design Of This lounge is veritably Attractive.

A marriage lounge set can be used in any event for the seating purpose of the bridegroom and bachelor similar as at a marriage, mehndi, party, occasion and on any other event and always gives an astonishing look. this marriage lounge is handed in any color, in any shape, and in any design as per the client’s demand.
We’ve endured workers for making this cabinetwork. This lounge is handed as per client’s demand. This lounge is readily available then in our stock. We’ve numerous other designs for marriage cabinetwork for marriage cabinetwork. You can choose any design from then and get further intriguing products which you like to purchase. However, 917696522022 Our website is www, If you want to do any changes in this product you can communicate us our WhatsApp,https//,https//

DST EXPORTS are Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of all types of marriage cabinetwork include marriage settees, developer marriage lounge, Muslim marriage lounge, marriage Stage lounge, Indian marriage lounge, Mehandi Stage lounge, etc. Our marriage lounge is known for its unique style, Charm Looks, and Intricate sculpturing Work. These are available as two, three- seaters depending upon the choice of the client. These sets are made by our well- trained professionals using high- grade accoutrements.

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