Outdoor South Indian Puberty Function Decor 

Outdoor South Indian Puberty Function Decor

Outdoor South Indian Puberty Function Decor :– An amazing decorated venue stays at the heart of memorable weddings; Make your awesome by using high-quality decoration items. DST Exports is the right place to make the dream into reality. We have all types of decoration props for functions including the Puberty Ceremony.

DST Exports are specialized in manufacturing Outdoor South Indian Puberty Function Decor for all types of events so now we are presenting our Fiberglass Props for Traditional South Indian Puberty Decoration which is originally MADE-IN-INDIA by DST Exports. This Setup includes – One Khoo/well, Lotus Fountain, Two Elephant Statues. These Props can be used on many occasions like for weddings on Haldi ceremony as well as after marriage on the baby shower. We have no. of varieties of Wedding Fiber Statues (as in pic).

These Fiber Props are made of unbreakable fiberglass, high-quality deco painted, light-weighted, and self-standing. For a better quality of products, we have done all the waterproofing as well as sandpaper rubbing on each product to give them more perfect finishing and smooth texture on joint as well as Product. These Props can be used on the wedding stage to give a traditional texture to wedding decoration. These are made on a customized option. These Props can be used in any type of event. These Props can be used in any event for decoration. These Props are provided in any color, any size, and in any shape as per the customer’s requirement. A customer can choose from our website and even a customer can avail their own design.

We can make these items as per customer requirement. Visit our site – www.dstexports.com and You can choose any design from here and get more interesting products which you like to purchase. For any type of query or if you want to make any changes in this stage setup you can freely talk with us on our contact/Whatsapp no.- +919815224101, +917696522022. You can also make a video call with us on our contact no. for close Zoom-up and see the high-quality of original products. A customer can also easily compare the quality of our products with local vendors. We are making Export worthy Products. You can also check our more products from our website www.dstexports.com

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