Outdoor Wedding Theme Canopy Mandap

Wedding tents are entirely different from the tents that we use on camping and traveling. Wedding tents are a beautiful setup for all the outdoor wedding ceremonies that are both elegant and functional. Not only will these tents accentuate the ambiance of the entire wedding venue, but it will also protect the guests from the harsh sun rays or the unexpected showers during the ceremony. There are different kinds of tents available with DST Exports. However, before finalizing the perfect tent for your wedding, here is the best canopy or tent for wedding mandap ceremonies 

Most of the couples prefer a day wedding under the natural light and beautiful weather these days. However, Mother Nature has become quite unpredictable with the weather adversities today. If you are planning a wedding ceremony in the outdoors, determine if you will be needing the tent as a backup option and the kind of tent you will be needing as per the venue and the guest list.

This is beautiful setup made with metal pipes and  Colorful Fabrics. This is  Pipe And Drape Dome Canopy Round Wedding Mandap with Arabian look

Product Name
Outdoor Wedding Theme Canopy Mandap
All color is available
3*3m 3*4m 3*6m 4*4m 4*6m 4*8m 5*10m 5*12m 6*12m
UV Resistant, waterproof, strong
 300g Polyester cloth waterproof PU coated
Fabric Material
PVC fabric/PU fabric
Digital/Screen printing
Outdoor promotion, outside travel, courtyard leisure
Awning, wedding, outdoor party, etc


Mandapexporters (A unit of DST Exports) are the manufacturer and exporters of all kinds of Wedding Mandaps. We are supplying our wedding mandap worldwide, for the past 20 years.

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