Phenomenal Plazo Mandap For Wedding

Phenomenal Plazo Mandap For Wedding- This is Phenomenal Plazo Mandap For Wedding Designed and Manufactured by DST EXPORTS. The look of this mandaps is just like a diamond because of crystals fitted in it. This mandap is made and exported by us to our one of the satisfied customer Sabreena Khatton owner of SABZDECO Co. in FIJI. This Indian Wedding mandap is made of unbreakable fiberglass with a high quality of deco painted. Small crystals are also hanged in these mandap pillars. This mandap set is easy to gather because this mandap is self-standing. As a result, this mandap saves your time. This wedding mandap pillars can be used in any event. This Fiber Mandap Can also be used as a wedding stage. 

This Crystal Wedding mandap set includes six fiber crystal pillars, six top arcs, two pillars and arcs for the welcome gate, Two Jhronka Panels, one wedding sofa/six wedding mandap chairs, six small pillars, six small statues, backdrop curtains, Havan Kund/Firebox, carpet for the walkway, etc. 

Phenomenal Plazo Mandap For WeddingIndian Wedding Plazoo Crystal Mandap can be provided in any color, any size and in any shape as per customer’s requirement. Likewise this mandap we have many other types of wedding mandap set. You can choose any design from here and get more interesting products which you like to purchase. If you want to do any changes in this product you can contact us our WhatsApp number: +919815224101+917696522022.  Our website is

We make many designs for Wedding Crystal Mandaps includes Modern Design Wedding Crystal Mandap Set, Indian Crystal Fiber Wedding Mandap, Designer Fiber Crystal Wedding Mandap, Bollywood Style Wedding Crystal Mandap Set, Vintage Wedding Mandap, Gold Crystal Wedding Mandap, Luxury Led Crystal Wedding Mandap, India Crystal Fiber Mandap, Designer Carved Crystal Wedding Mandap, Latest Butterfly Mandap, Modern Mandap, Crystal Mandap For Indian Wedding, Wedding Crystal Fiber Mandap, Indian Fiber Crystal Wedding Mandap, New Butterfly Wedding Mandap, Spiral Crystal Pillar Wedding Mandap, Indian Crystal Wedding Mandap, Indian Luxury Mandap For Wedding Decoration, Wedding Crystal Mandap With Maharaja Furniture, Elegant Crystal Wedding Mandaps, White Wedding Crystal Mandap, Hanging Crystal Wedding Mandap etc.

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