Royal Design Heavy Carved Wedding Sofa Set

Wedding Furniture is the Center of attraction of marriage stage so now we ’re presenting King Queen Sofa Set with gold finishing. This is marriage event Stage chesterfield Set designed and manufactured by DST EXPORTS. This Furniture is well known as “ Royal Design Heavy Carved Wedding Sofa Set ”. This Type of Wedding Furniture Always gives a classic look at any event. This is the Brand New Sofa Set for all types of marriage Stage.

This Furniture Set is substantially made for marriage Stage but it’s also useful for Mehndi Stage and other Function. This Furniture Set Includes One Two Seater Loveseat/ Sofa with Two single seater chairs.


  • We’re using high- quality teak wood for manufacturing this marriage Furniture with polyester high buff polish.
  • There’s all hand- made figure on this marriage lounge set. We’ve a special work- platoon of tradesmen’s for rustic work. Our Work- platoon is professional in manufacturing all types of marriage Furniture.
  • After making the structure lounge sets, the seats of the lounge is fitted with leather. The Seats of lounge set can be changeable and washable.
  • It’s truly comfortable for the bridegroom and bachelor’s seating purposes. It gives Luxurious look at the marriage event.                                                                                                                                                                                            This Sofa Set is principally made for the marriage Stage but it’s also useful for Mehdi Stage and other Function. We offer a whole and veritably expansive range of different styles of marriage lounge, Weather its Matrimonial throne chairpersons, a chaise chesterfield, a marriage lounge set, low Moroccan bed and benches seating, mandap sculpted rustic chairpersons, Essence ring seating or essence cabinetwork, crystal clear style cabinetwork or just simple elegant head table chairpersons, we offer them all. On the point of view of colour, Our cabinetwork comes with a wide range of colours like white, ivory, tableware and gold, but we’ve colorful other colours in a stock. guests can customize the colour of the marriage lounge set as per their demand, preferences, and like. The quality of finish as well as appearance of marriage lounge set will remain the same after numerous times just like they were on the first day of manufacturing.

Then at DST EXPORTS, we do n’t only manufacture quality marriage lounge set and related marriage cabinetwork but we deliver your payload briskly than you can get away. We’re a global supplier of marriage settees and other marriage cabinetwork.

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