Special Wedding Gold Back-Frames with Crystal Chains:– This is a Special Wedding Gold Back-Frames with Crystal Chains Well Crafted and Presents by DST EXPORTS. This Frames Setup looks really very Classy and Flawless. These types of Wedding Back-Frame are very famous in all over worldwide. These Frames are newly designed by our excellent work-team.  This Stage setup is really very worthy and gives a rich look at the Wedding Stage. These Back Frames/Panels can be used on numerous occasions for instance reception, party, wedding and many more. 

This stage Set includes – Three Golden Carved Rectangular Frames/Panel 8 x 5 feet each.  These Frames/Panels are beautifully decorated with Crystal Chains The Standard Size of these Panels are 8 x 5 feet but These Frames/Panels Can also Provide as per Customers requirement. These panels are made of unbreakable fiberglass, deco painted and Fiber Carving made on it. For Better Quality of Our Products, We have done all the waterproofing as well as sandpaper rubbing on each product to give them more perfect finishing and smooth texture on joint as well as Product. These panels are easy to assemble, self-standing and very easy to stand on stages. We will provide Metal Plates which makes it easy to install and assemble just into 15 -20 minutes. These panels are available in all sizes and custom designs. These are time-saving also available in all shapes. These fiber backdrops frames will make your wedding stage very beautiful. These Backdrop Panels which are very attractive is well Designed according to the Latest Trends in the market. DST EXPORTS is making this type of many products for wedding decoration.  

Special Wedding Gold Back-Frames with Crystal Chains MThese Wedding Back Frames/Panels is well manufactured by DST EXPORTS. As a result, we provide it in any color, in any shape, and in any design as per customer’s requirement. This Wedding Stage set readily available here in stock. Just like this stage, We have many other types of wedding stages. You can pick any plan from here and get all the more fascinating items which you like to buy. On the off chance that you need to do any adjustments in this item, you can contact us on our WhatsApp number: +919815224101, +917696522022. you can look at our more items from our site www.mandapexporters.com/

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