Wedding Entrance Fiber Peacock Pillars:–  This is Wedding Entrance Fiber Peacock Pillars Designed and Manufactured by DST EXPORTS. This is the best and phenomenal way to gave a warm welcome to your guest and for decorating the walkway. These are very beautifully Carved Wedding Entrance Decoration and the Golden color of these walkways give unique look and design of these walkways look very attractive.

This set includes:- Set of  Eight Peacock Pillars. These walkways can also be used as a Decoration for the wedding entrance, These Peacock Pillars are made of Unbreakable Fiberglass, high quality of deco-painted. These Peacock Pillars can be used in any event such as a wedding stage, mehndi stage, party and on any other occasion. These Pillars can be used as walkway, wedding stage and can also be used for an entrance decoration and always give a fabulous look. These Statues are easy to gather because this stage set is easy to assemble. These wedding Peacock Pillars are provided in any color, in any size, and in any shape as per customer’s requirement. 

Just like these pillars, we have many other types of wedding walkway pillars. You can choose any design from our website  if you want to do any changes in these products you can contact us on our Whatsapp number: +919815224101, +917696522022.

DST EXPORTS are the best manufacturers and exporters of wedding mandaps, stages, backdrop panels, and all other wedding decor items

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