Wedding Stage Charismatic CandleHolder Wall

Wedding Stage Charismatic CandleHolder Wall:- is designed and manufactured by the DSTEXPORTS. This is a uniquely designed wedding stage candle wall. The featured candle wall can be used for numerous occasion. firstly it is used for wedding stage decoration. Apart from that, this candle wall can be used for various occasions such as mehndi, party, and many more. This candle wall is made by using metal with a high quality of deco painted. The wedding candle is easy to assemble because this candle wall is self-standing. This marriage candle wall is provided in any quality, in any shape, in any color as per customer’s requirement. This wedding stage candle wall is available in prepared stock. This candle wall set includes Set of three Candle wall 10×5 feet each.

Wedding Stage Charismatic CandleHolder Wall
Wedding Stage Charismatic CandleHolder Wall

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